The following list shows the main AIGEO affiliations and provides links to the Web sites of each. The AIGEO Council reviews the Instutute's affiliations annually to ensure that the best interests of the membership and the objectives of the asscociation are being served:

PARATUS Europe Ltd , is a business consulting company specializing in Strategic Business Planning, Security and Risk Management. PARATUS Europe provides a range of tailored business services that reflect a unique and innovative blend of strategic business planning, security and risk management, and audit practice. Each service is specifically aligned to your requirements, inclusive of the design and delivery of executive, management and staff training and workshop programs.

web site:


E2T2 is a European think tank focusing its resources to the following areas of study: Business Sector, SME's, Development & Regulatory Issues, Education, Energy and Environment, Finance, Banking and Monetary Policy, Foreign Policy and National Security, Government and Politics, Health, Welfare and Entitlements, International Economics and Development, Law and Civil Liberties, Political Philosophy, Regulatory Studies, Tax and Budget Policy, Telecom, Internet and Information Policy, Trade and Immigration.

facebook: E2ThnkTank


AIGEI has signed an exclusive agreement with STAREGISTER to become one of the first globally certified Think Tanks to ISO 9001 by the end of 2017 introducing the principles of Total Quality Management. In addition the common development of professional certification programs in the political sciences sector was agreed. STAREGISTER is a Chicago (ILL, USA) based certification body; accredited to ISO 17024 by the Los Angeles (CA, USA) based International Accreditation Systems (IAS).

web site:


The "F.W. Taylor Foundation", is a non for profit Organization that works with visionary leaders and professionals of different sectors and specializations around the world. It was founded to advance organizational improvement securing maximum prosperity. "F.W. Taylor Foundation" developed the model of business excellence PAME = Process Approach Model of Excellence. The scope of "F.W. Taylor Foundation" is tbe a long-term and flexible partner with innovative leaders on the frontlines of organizational change.

facebook: FWTaylorBook


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