AIGEO utilizing its unique pool of researchers analysts and experts, provides to our members and external customers a specialized service which includes preparing and delivering analytical products, reports, policy relevant briefs, lectures and conferences in:

  • Geo-politics, and
  • Geo-economy

AIGEO areas of expertise in geo-politics and geo-economy issues are:

  • European Union,
  • Mediterranean,
  • Former Soviet Union,
  • Middle East,
  • The Caucasus,
  • Black Sea,
  • Caspian Sea Region.

Research work at the AIGEO is organised in groups, but is also pursued through horizontal activities cutting across them. Currently, there are the following five groups:

  • Global foreign and security policy
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Migration, asylum and diversity
  • Global economic governance
  • Educational Development

Our members or external customers can choose one of our ready reports or order a customized one. Specialized consulting is also offered by skype and/or telephone meetings, through personnal on-site consultation and by requesting AIGEO organizing a lecture or a conference type event.

Analysis and reporting can be provided on:

  • Geostrategic, economic, political and security challenges facing states of the given regions;
  • Formation of economic, political and military blocks and alliances; armed and political conflicts;
  • Regional communications;
  • Forecasting political trends and conflicts, the behavior of political parties and other civil society organizations, and problems of leadership and political ideation.
  • Understanding the interface and the driving forces within the European Union, NATO, the United States and how they effect regional geo-political and geo-economical decisions.
  • Socio-Political Challenges, including threats posed by political radicalism; factors and conditions underlying regional, ethnic and confessional conflicts; socio-economic tensions; role of activist groups and the rights of unrepresented people.

In order to aquire updated and valid information AIGEO co-operates with regional research and policy institutes, centres and think tanks, political parties and civil society organizations.

Expert Reports on Geo-economics

AIGEO offers expert reports on geo-economical factors that structure the new international relationships. Typical examples of such reports are:

- Analyzing the interrelations on a unique platform:

  • The “Arabic Spring”
  • The exploitation of the new energy reserves in Cyprus
  • The Greek – South European Fiscal Crisis and the Eurozone
  • The new roles of Turkey, Russia, and Israel

- How is wealth in the Mediterranean basin redistributed and what are the mutual interdependencies?

- New factors that have an impact in world wealth and social equilibria.

- The impact of the new Sovereign Wealth Funds and State owned companies in financial markets and international economic relationships.

Please, contact us, for other reports, or customized requests.


REPORT TITLE: The new Directions of Money :  ?mplications of the banking sector delevaraging on corporate bonds- ?nsights in the European money market.

''This period many financial experts have raised concerns that as the Sovereign Debt Crisis will be fading out, pressures will be exerted on the returns of corporate bonds, predominantly as a result of a deleveraging process especially of European banks. It is possible that many fund managers will not be able to even cover their transaction costs and will eventually migrate to short-term sovereign titles and even safe hybrid corporate titles, moving away form long-term instruments'' For further information about our reports, please contact us.


Other Expert Reports

The following are samples of reports available to our members and customers. Please, contact us, for other reports, or customized requests.

Report: Turkey between the “miracle” and the “bubble”

  • Current situation (basic data on the economy).
  • Projections and Forecasting scenarios.
  • Opportunities and risks.
  • Country risk analysis (Economics and Politics).

Report: Russia after the elections

  • Current situation (basic data on the economy).
  • Political Outlook and the economy.
  • Opportunities and risks.
  • Country risk analysis (Economics and Politics).

Report: Mapping the European banking system

  • Deleveraging, recapitalization, and liquidity issues.
  • Landesbanken (Germany) and Cajas (Spain): toxic assets and claims.
  • The new “Conquistadores”: French, Spanish and Italian banking exposure in South America.
  • ECB, National Central Banks, Commercial banks: Flows of money and the liquidity of the European economy.

Report: Corporate Bonds after the Sovereign Debt Crisis

  • Resurgence of corporate bond issues.
  • Alternative approaches for corporate refinancing.
  • The sequence of sovereign and corporate debt incidence.
  • The role of banks in the refinancing of countries and companies.

Customized Consulting Services

In addition to the above mentioned main categories of Geo-Political and Geo-Economy Consulting Services AIGEO offers a series of customized consulting services to fit your special need and satisfy your requirements.

Please contact us to request further information on this service


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